Can a teacher get in trouble for dating a parent

In regarding the physical safety of students, teachers should ask themselves two questions: a) How can I protect myself from being sued?

b) How can I avoid potentially dangerous and inappropriate behavior?

It is not, however, a standard which can be applied in the same manner and to the same extent in every case.

It will depend upon the number of students being supervised at any given time, the nature of the exercise or activity in progress, and the age. A board will be vicariously liable for any negligence occurring with respect to transportation facilities owned and operated by it.

It is surprising how many aspects of schooling are deeply affected by the law, particularly the relationship between teachers and students.

These aspects include: 1) Teaching Conditions: certifications, duties and powers, employment conditions, grounds for dismissal, labor laws, and collective bargaining.

As well, the nature and condition of the equipment in use at the time, the competency and capacity of the students involved, and a host of other matters which may be widely varied but which, in a given case, may affect the application of the prudent parent standard. When transportation is provided by a company, not affiliated with the board, the board retains a substantial degree of control over the Bus Company and over the discipline of the pupils while they are on the bus.

In a case like this the boards duty to the pupil continues until the child arrives home.

Many of these cases have been successful for the plaintiffs where millions of dollars have been awarded to them.

Cases have been made and won because of various forms of negligence on the part of teachers.

In the Des Hawley Secondary School case study, the new principal has great concerns regarding the carelessness of teachers on the job because twelve students were injured in a single year due to negligent acts.

The dollar amount of those damages is to be recovered from the board.

It is important to note that a school board is vicariously liable for all acts of negligence performed by its employees and volunteers acting within the scope of their employment or within the scope of their authority.

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