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Now Vita's curvaceous derriere has become a star on campus with friends commending her for her boldness.She said: 'Everyone who has seen my photos has been so positive.All of these help to maintain cognitive and physical health throughout our lives and into old age.Among ICEs new courses for 201213 are an Undergraduate Certificate in Astronomy, Undergraduate Diploma in English Literature, an Undergraduate Diploma in Coaching and an Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in Philosophy.I have seen comments online saying that I'm fat but I'm going to ignore the trolls.'I know there are comments saying that Cambridge students are 'snowflakes' and not working but I think it's sad and narrow-minded to call us that!

The student - identified only as 'Vita' - spoke proudly about her 'considerable a** and thighs' as she stripped off to showcase her perfectly pert derriere.

You can't notice in the photo but the photos were taken near a football pitch during a football match.'I don't think they saw us - we would have noticed if they had noticed us.'It was also next to the train line and every time a train was about to go by, the photographer threw my coat at me to give me some modesty!

' She took victory by a one per cent margin over second place 'Virginia', who polled 23.08 per cent with a similar pose in a tree.

They found that reed warblers increased their mobbing, but only to the cuckoo morph that their neighbours had mobbed.

Therefore, as one cuckoo morph increases in frequency, local host populations will become alerted specifically to that morph.

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