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In 2009, Neil and his new wife Karen Taylor (Nia Peeples) make plans to adopt Ana but those chances are destroyed when Neil cheats with Tyra—and Devon witnesses the affair.

In May 2009, Devon meets his great-aunt Virginia (Della Reese) who reveals that Tyra is adopted and Devon disapproves when she starts dating Neil.

The foster care, meningitis and deaf story arcs received critical acclaim for their social impact and earned James multiple Daytime Emmy Award nominations and a win in 2007.

James also earned several NAACP Image Award nominations and a win in 2009.

Fortunately his name is cleared when Jana Hawkes (Emily O'Brien) admits to the murder.

In December 2006, Devon is officially adopted by Neil and Dru but his happiness is short-lived when Dru is presumed dead in April 2007.

He lands a gig at Tucker Mc Call's label Resurrection Music producing with Noah Newman (Luke Kleintank).

However, when Noah abandons him for another gig, Devon convinces Tucker to give him another chance which culminates with Tucker firing him.

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Devon Hamilton is a fictional character from the original CBS daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Bryton James.

The homeless teenager is fostered and eventually adopted by Drucilla Winters (Victoria Rowell) and her husband, Neil (Kristoff St. In 2006, Devon contracts meningitis and completely loses his hearing and he receives a cochlear implant to restore his hearing.

Later Devon is implicated in the murder of Carmen Mesta (Marisa Ramirez).

James's portrayal of Devon during Hilary's kidnapping also earned James a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 2016.

The character is introduced in 2004 as a delinquent living out of group homes.

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