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Peter reveals that every part of his body has gained or increased in attraction to other surfaces, and he can stick people or objects on his back.

Spider-Man's overall metabolic efficiency has been greatly increased, and the composition of his skeleton, connective tissues, muscles, and nervous system have all been enhanced.Ezekiel, who shares similar spider abilities (albeit gained through an arcane ritual), makes Peter question the source of his powers, as this implied a mystical reason the spider chose to bite him, suggesting that the spider would have given him powers even without being exposed to radiation (although Peter has noted that the radiation did slightly change the mutative effects that the spider had on his system).Though this was never proven, Spider-Man has been tied to mystical forces before, such as when he was mentioned in an ancient prophecy in connection to the sorcerer Dr.However, he heals completely by the end of the issue without medical attention and mentions to Aunt May that he knew he had "always been a fast healer, but lately it seems even more so." During "Civil War", Spider-Man is heavily beaten and drugged, suffering multiple fractures and blood loss at the hands of the Jack O' Lantern but his injuries heal almost completely by the next issue.However, like many superhuman powers, the effectiveness of Spider-Man's abilities varies based on the author and the needs of the story.Strange, and when the cosmic beings Lord Order and Master Chaos claimed credit for Peter Parker being the one bitten by the spider.Magical forces could also explain how Spider-Man is able to psychically detect threats such as whether or not a person has a gun or if he is being followed.Spider-Man is also able to jump and sprint against a wall which helps him climb surfaces a lot faster.The ability works through thin layers of cloth, such as the fabric of his costume, but not through materials such as the soles of shoes.When Peter Parker needs to crawl without changing into the costume, he removes his shoes first.Spider-Man's wall-crawling ability has increased with time, most notably in a backup story in Amazing Spider-Man #365 by Tom De Falco, in which Peter explains his abilities to Mary Jane.

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