Birth dating order

Receiving less one-on-one time from parents, middles form attachments with their peers, often developing extensive networks of friends.

While they may deeply love their family, they’re the most likely to move far away from home, the least likely to care about family genealogy, and the best prepared for life’s vicissitudes. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Madonna, Jean Chrétien and Avril Lavigne are all middle children.

It’s later-borns who fought for equality, freedom of speech, freedom of worship and abolition of slavery, says Sulloway, author of .

Mother Teresa, Darwin and Gandhi were all later-borns.

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'',in Autoplay Countries=!Birth order research from around the world suggests that first-borns often have more in common with one another than with their own siblings.‘I’m not one to run out and buy a birthday gift at the last minute,’ says the eldest of four.‘It’s done five days early.’ She excelled in school, majoring in the detail-oriented field of administrative and commercial studies, and obeyed her parents’ strict rules around curfews and dating’rules she says were non-existent for her youngest sibling.

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