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She had also marked a few notebooks, just like any other day,” said the merry colleague.

Another one chipped in, stating how they were surprised by the news while excitement also engulfed them.

When the school was visited, the bride-to-be was not found in the premises as she had reportedly left the school to an undisclosed destination. Information gathered was that she was ferried by a government registered vehicle, which a source said was the first time they had seen it in the school premises.

She took up jobs at Boots and M&S in nearby Carmarthen and worked at a Little Chef restaurant in the small town of St Clears.

The mother-of-three retired to run her own business called Folksy, specialising in hand-crafted cushions, handbags, blankets and other 'textile goodies' which she makes at home.

She ordered police to turn people away from the farm property surrounded by fields and a public footpath.

Mr Ajao, a former cheese factory worker and Masood's father, is a keen photographer and astronomer who enjoys listening to classical music.

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