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Interesting about these items is that all pipes date from about 1900 and show clear European influences next to carvings in the style and with the characteristic iconography of the Maori of New Zealand.Altogether, it concerns a series of tobacco pipes that reflects an interesting mix of cultures, certainly worth an article.The pipe shown here with a little trunk-shaped bowl (Fig. The model of this pipe goes back to the so-called fluted bowl of the English clay pipes from the nineteenth century and is purely a clay shape.The fluted English bowl was almost without change copied in local wood.In their own language they spoke of tupeka, presumably derived from the English tobacco.The throttling of a pipe was initially brought out by the English clay pipes and was a habit for both men and women.

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The present example shows pairs of lines alternating with narrow lanes of dashes.Both woods are quite fine in texture and suitable for carving.The shape of the pipe remains related to what they learned about through the English settlers, but in the decoration the people followed their own patterns and typical portrayals.Not surprisingly, after the Dutch attempt in the seventeenth century it was not until 1769 before a form of colonization started.It was James Cook who sparked the first trading contacts around 1770.By Don Duco From the large and well known pipe collection of the late Trevor Barton in Letchmore Heath in England the Pijpenkabinet museum in Amsterdam recently bought ten wooden tobacco pipes that are carved with attractive and unusual linear patterns.All of them are products made or decorated by the Maori tribe from New Zealand.Very subtle all lines make a slight bent and smoothly run over in another that's what makes the pattern so vivid.Around the stem a similar decoration can be seen, however, now divided into two parts.Because here the subtle run overs are missing the decoration became more rigid.Specific to this pipe is the image of a stylized lizard in relief along the bowl.

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