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In their own language they spoke of tupeka, presumably derived from the English tobacco.

The throttling of a pipe was initially brought out by the English clay pipes and was a habit for both men and women.

Trade in agricultural products like potatoes, fruit and vegetables but also meat, indispensible for the colonists, gave the Maori significant additional revenues.

They traded their surpluses with the whalers and obtained fabrics and clothing, weapons, smoking paraphernalia and other items.

Both woods are quite fine in texture and suitable for carving.

The shape of the pipe remains related to what they learned about through the English settlers, but in the decoration the people followed their own patterns and typical portrayals.

Interesting about these items is that all pipes date from about 1900 and show clear European influences next to carvings in the style and with the characteristic iconography of the Maori of New Zealand.

Altogether, it concerns a series of tobacco pipes that reflects an interesting mix of cultures, certainly worth an article.

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The fluted English bowl was almost without change copied in local wood.

The Maori as a tribe The New Zealand Maori is an enterprising people that lived there for centuries.

Originally they are from the Polynesian Islands where they are known from the past as hunters of large birds.

The light wood for this pipe is certainly not fully fire resistant, but once well-smoked it will be useful for a certain period.

A major advantage of this kind of wood is the low specific weight and proper porosity, which allows comfortable smoking.

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