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However, with the release of Donkey Kong Country later that same year, Donkey Kong was given a new personality and a new home.Donkey Kong Country also saw the appearance of the elderly Cranky Kong, who was the original Donkey Kong from the older arcade games.He is usually portrayed as a slow but powerful character.He often takes unconventional approaches to certain sports, like swinging a Golf Club one-handed or using a Boxing Glove for a Baseball Bat.

In the final stage (though after this the first stage follows again, tougher than before), Donkey Kong is forced back and gets his head stuck in a beehive.This article is about the character Donkey Kong, as of Donkey Kong Country. For other uses of the name "Donkey Kong", see Donkey Kong (disambiguation).For other uses of the moniker "DK", see DK (disambiguation).Baby Donkey Kong is one of the seven star children.Donkey Kong's first appearance (where he is later confirmed to be a younger Cranky Kong) is in the Arcade game of the same name, where he is the main enemy.Donkey Kong uses a system of ropes to lower himself to the greenhouse floor.When he reaches the floor, the game ends, and Donkey Kong is able to destroy the rest of the greenhouse.In the arcade version, upon his head getting stuck in a beehive, he also twitches and tries to get the beehive off, only to fall to the ground, with the beehive breaking in half and revealing that Donkey Kong's face is partially swollen, with his right eye also puffy, implying he was stung by bees.Donkey Kong, along with Mario and Pauline appears in several episodes of Saturday Supercade. On the show, Donkey Kong Jr., along with his pal Bones, travels across the globe searching for Donkey Kong.Miyamoto says that he chose the name "Donkey" to reflect the character's stupidity.Miyamoto was informed by Nintendo of America staff that the word "donkey" is not a synonym for "idiot" in English despite what the dictionary he consulted said, but decided to ignore this particular suggestion because he liked the name "Donkey Kong".

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