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Are We Officially Dating (titled That Awkward Moment in the States) is a bird's eye-view into the colourful, sometimes crude and very bromantic lives of Jason (Zac Efron), best friend Daniel (Miles Teller) and Mikey (Michael B. With the movie following its American moniker to a certain degree, reviews haven't been overly favourable of this particular flick.

Singles out there take note – if you want to start a relationship all you need to do is make a pledge with your friends to stay single – yes, it’s that easy! This film is enjoyably formulaic, with schmaltzy lines and corny jokes coming thick and fast but ultimately fall flat.

Zac did alright for this one, hopefully his second comedy movie that coming out later this year will be better. But as a 21-year old guy out for a night at the movies, I found it relatable in parts, relevant and, most importantly, a good laugh.

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Averagely funny in certain part of the movie, didn't need to think much to enjoy this romantic comedy.So it’s a puzzling disappointment that the conclusion seems indifferent about its initial commentary on the metro man.Jason’s win-the-girl-back monologue boils down to “Please ignore everything I did” while Mikey (Michael B.Hide This film is a very generic american comedy with predictable story lines and weak characters.The majority of the humor I personally found distasteful.The cheesiness of the lines he delivers are definitely going to be overlooked by the majority of moviegoers, who will be distracted by his face on screen.It's the incredibly glossy veneer that gives the film a somewhat unrealistic idea of everything the characters go through.When Mikey (Jordan) breaks the news to his two buds that his partner left him, the boys attempt to cheer him up by making a pact to hit the town as swingin’ singles.While Mikey buries his sorrows in a tub of ice cream, Jason (Efron) hits it off with Ellie and Daniel (Teller) hooks up with Chelsea.However, thanks to AWOD’s focus on the current “selfish” generation of 20-something men, there’s a feeling of authenticity to their moronic ideals – it seems sadly real when Jason, given the chance to be a decent human being, becomes evasive because “that means we’re dating.” The boys’ expletive R-rated banter furthers the genuineness to decent comedic effect, though often undermined by some misplaced farcical gags that hit-or-miss.The film’s smart enough not to naively damn casual sex, reserving the comments “stupid” and “soulless” for the horrible way these dudes go about acquiring it.

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