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The less clothing was expected me to wear."By now Rima started to cry while Maria and Senri hugged her.Both had anger coming up to the surface which might make them kill their future 'queen/mother of vampires' Close to hysteric Rima wanted needed to tell them what happens this night.(Warning mention of attempted rape and unwanted touching starts)"But tonight she took it way too far. But he wanted to meet me after the shoot in the back room, I did not think much about it. Instead, he started to touch me in unwanted places.

The second they heard the door close got them out of the shock. Senri ran to Rima'ss room with Maria right behind him.Once there he knocked on the door."Leave me alone, please!" The scared and pleading in her voice was something Senri and Maria heard before.Disclaimer; I don't own Vampire Knight It's my first time writing a fanfic so if you have any comments on how to improve my fanfic please do tell me.English is not my first language so there may be some incorrect grammar. Pairings; Kaname/Zero, Kain/Aidou, Takuma/Senri, Ruka/Yori/Rima, Ichiru/Maria Thank you for all the comments! When he crossed paths with Maria in the moon dorm halls.The person walking out the bathroom is no other than Aidou.Maria half minded to ask him why he's here in only a towel.They tried as fast they could to Zero's dorm room without bringing any attention to them. Knocking on Zero door hoping he was there and not out.Unfortunately, it was not Zero but Sayoria who open the door."Is Zero here we need his help?!They looked at each other with a worrying look before answering"Rima it's me Senri and Maria, please let us in. " No sign she would let them in Senri was about to try again when the door open.There was Rima her eyes red from crying and not keeping any eye contact with either of them. While he and Rima went to sit on the bed Maria closed the door."What happen?

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