Are senri and rima dating

Startling Senri and Maria but what shocked them was Rima who ran past by them crying. What could have made Rima who usually is collected and don't let anything affect her much lest to the point of crying? " responded Senri determined to find out who made his friend/sister cry.The second they heard the door close got them out of the shock. Senri ran to Rima'ss room with Maria right behind him." pleaded Senri with a worried and slight panicked voice."He's not here but come in and put her on his bed.I will bring him while you guys stay here." Not bothering to respond they did as told and put Rima on Zero's bed a noise came from the bathroom.

And after that, I will go only the first date with Ichiru-kun."Senri was surprised over the last part. Just as he was about to ask her about it the front door was swung right open with force. Biting her lips as a sign she was extremely worried and scared.The open so suddenly that it ended with scaring everyone. ""What makes you think Yuuki has anything to do with this?Only to relax seeing it's Sayori with extreme worries yet calm Zero."Explain what the hell happened? " asked a scared Senri to know exactly what his reaction would be.They tried as fast they could to Zero's dorm room without bringing any attention to them. Knocking on Zero door hoping he was there and not out.Unfortunately, it was not Zero but Sayoria who open the door."Is Zero here we need his help?!Rima hesitated before finally decided that answering is better than keeping quiet."Yes, she did. " She watched as different emotions flew by their faces before disappearing.They told her about the last few weeks, their encounter with Yuuki. Rima shocked when they talked about Zero whom is the last person/hunter to help a vampire in any way."What did Yuuki do to you? Rima avoided looking at them by keeping her attention on her hands. Maria reader to encourage her to talk when she began to speak."It started about two months after school starts.Yuuki has become worse and worse she almost killed Aidou-kun for what!A petty jealousy no one deserves that Aidou even less.When it's a common fact he hates Zero more than anyone in moon dorm. Aidou knowing that even if her body is weak she can be deadly and though it's best to tell her the truth.Instead, she grabbed his arm and asked: "What happens to your wrist to be covered in bandages and not lie! Unable to keep eye contact when he told them about his encounter with Yuuki and what he did, also what Zero had done to help him. It's not like they were close or anything like that to care if he died.

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