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We urge managers to reach out to their accounting firm if they are unsure about the treatment of any financial instruments for purposes of the RAUM calculation.

Other Items While it is important to make sure all parts of the Form ADV are accurate and complete, special attention should also be paid to the Part 2 brochures.

In updating the Form ADV, firms should be particularly mindful of changes in these key areas: Firms should especially lean on their brokers, custodians, administrators, legal counsel and compliance consulting firm to accurately and correctly complete the Form ADV Annual Updating Amendment process.

31 fiscal year-end should have filed their annual updating amendment to Forms ADV Part 1 and 2 with the Securities and Exchange Commission through the Investment Adviser Registration Depository. Notice that there is no materiality standard for this category of items — any inaccuracy triggers an amendment. An advisor is not required to update its responses to Items 2, 5, 6, 7, 9. If there are any new legal or disciplinary events “that are material to a client’s or prospective client’s evaluation of your advisory business or the integrity of your management,” including but not limited to all the specific instances listed in Item 9, clients need to be informed of such events.

Process and Major ADV Update Items The annual update can be completed through the IARD system either (i) internally by the firm’s CCO or (ii) externally by a firm’s compliance consultant or fund attorney.

**** Bart Mallon provides investment adviser registration and compliance services to investment advisers and private fund managers through Cole-Frieman & Mallon LLP.

You must file all amendments to Part 1A of Form ADV and Part 2A of Form ADV electronically with the IARD, unless you have received a continuing hardship exemption under § 275.203-3.

” If the answer is yes, err on the side of caution and always remember the fundamentals of fiduciary duty.

Conclusion Failure to recognize when an other-than-annual amendment to Form ADV may be required can carry significant consequences, and failure to sync up various disclosure documents (including an individual advisor’s Form U4) will only make matters worse.

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