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Barbarians are the only playable class that returns from Diablo 2.

Necromancers are seen as NPCs and Paladins are mentioned, but the Monk, Demon Hunter, Wizard, and Witch Doctor are technically new classes, though some of them fairly obviously fill the same archetypal style roles.

Twenty years later, when Diablo III takes place, the Barbarian lands are largely deserted, and the only remains of Mount Arreat, formerly the symbol of the lands and the source of the Barbarians' spiritual strength, is a huge crater.

More than the physical damage, the events detailed in devastated the Barbarian culture.

Jay Wilson spoke of this during the WWI 2008 panel Denizens of Diablo: This is actually the same individual from Diablo 2.

Traits were passive skills during early development.(Wizards differ only slightly from Sorceresses in Diablo 2.) From Jay Wilson [1] in 2008, speaking about the Barbarian's concept. Originally we actually planned to have no returning classes, but as we developed the barbarian, it essentially ended up turning into a barbarian.We sort of got to the point where we went – because we actually had a different name for him originally - I think were going to call it this other name and everyone else is just going to call it the barbarian, so maybe we should just call it the barbarian.Ancient spirits even guarded the very gates to the Worldstone Keep.A number of Barbarians started roving the lands outside the Steppes, prepared for war and seeking information regarding the activities of the Prime Evils.Lead by Bul-Kathos, the tribes called "barbarians" by the people of the Western Kingdoms united and took upon themselves a sacred duty to protect Mount Arreat and its mystical secrets, until it was destroyed. The Children of Bul-Kathos developed a kinship with the land over the years, and learned to harness the primal energies in nature to enhance their own substantial physical prowess, popularly referred to as "fury".They also developed a spiritual strength that far surpasses most of the living and dead creatures found throughout Sanctuary.Perhaps this is the genesis of the rumors of monstrous things reported to resemble the barbarians in size and ferocity, but that are in reality nothing more than unreasoning, inhuman beasts.Could the destruction of not only their home but also their very beliefs have actually brought this magnificent race so low?Many of them were directly transformed into Passives, but others were dropped entirely.Traits had trait points, from 1-5 points that would improve their effect, but this sort of point system was entirely removed from Diablo 3 during development.

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  1. In the revival, Lorelai is living with Luke, but the two have not married; a major plot point throughout the first two episodes is their exploration of having children together, which ultimately does not happen.