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Shocked fans were quick to point out the ex-champ – who announced he was divorcing Faryal last month during a fiery Twitter spat – was in Pakistan at the same time as the model.

One speculated: "Oh, so that's the reason he came Pakistan to celebrate his first ever Eid in Lahore for Birthday."The post comes after the pair were seen flirting on Instagram last month when the Bolton-born pugilist called Alyzeh "cute".

Daily Star Online revealed how the heavyweight sensation phoned up Khan to settle the dispute.

Khan could be set for one of the most expensive divorce payouts in sport and could lose half of his estimated £25million fortune.

I hate this, when we Brits have to cheer for the "Brit", when they aren't actually representing us.

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What matters to me is that I see him as one, and I wanted him to lose.They are representing themselves, so they have no emotive ties to me whatsoever. Bet you were a school bully too, in all my days I've never met such a mean spirited, self opinionated clown, you must be proud of yourself.This lack of representation allows me to choose who I want to win based on various factors other than the nationalist one. I do not recognise Greater Manchester as a political entity. He struggled to win the last fight so maybe hes not good enough or maybe as people say he has too much of a glass jaw.Gotta agree with this statement, and to think he was talking about a fight with Filipino fighter, Manny Pacquiao.If you look at it, just because you win a boxing medal at the Olympics, doesn't mean you are destined for great things.I've wished sporting disappointment on Murray ever since his "anybody but England comment". we all watch him no matter where we are from, and we'll watch the next fight, because we're human and we like the violence.He is quite entitled to follow his heart - surely I am allowed the same? Enjoy the ride..........don't we have a go at the gold medal winners while we're on..............It is very liberating, given the huge disappointments I have experienced at the hands of our national sporting teams. he might make world champion one day but he will probably end up punch drunk for life.getting a bit silly now people, no boxer ever fights for his country, he ALWAYS boxes for himself.myself and my mates said from day 1 of Khans profeesional career, that he needs to be in the ring with south americans or americans, then we'll see, like so many other "potential" superstars, he fell at the first hurdle, we'll now see what he's made of.I hate hoping that Beckham will lift the World Cup for England, because I loathe the guy on a sporting level, but I truly want him to win it in 2010. Weather or not he is or is not English/British/muslim, matters not. During the live interview, Shah Khan revealed he was in Australia supporting his son amid reports of a family feud over the boxer's pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom. Mans like Joshua can have my left overs."Anthony took to social media afterwards to laugh off the claims by posting a video link to Shaggy's hit 'It Wasn't Me'.When asked to comment on the speculation, he told Lorraine Kelly: "You have ups and downs in every family, I think, but you work through it and you move on."He was then pressed on whether the family had bonded in Australia as they all united to support Amir in the jungle."Yeah absolutely, I mean we knew everybody before, it's not as if we didn't know," he added. Making matters even worse, amid the public spat, Faryal revealed she was not on good terms with her in-laws.

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