American woman dating a turkish man

While the traditional domestic role is still an expectation, Cypriot American women are more likely to balance the home responsibilities with a professional occupation.

After World War II, Cypriot women had greater access to education and increased their participation in the work force.

It is assumed that the Turkish Cypriots who came to the United States between 18 were fleeing religious or political persecution.

Although the political and religious persecution of Turkish Cypriots during 18 in Cyprus is highly unlikely because Cyprus was occupied by Turkey at the time.

After the 1974 Turkish Invasion of Cyprus 51,500 Turkish and Greek Cypriots left as immigrants and another 15,000 became temporary workers abroad. statistics, Cypriot immigration peaked at 828 in 1976, with the number of immigrants dropping to 291 in 1984.

The new wave of immigrants had Australia as the most common destination (35 percent), followed by North America, Greece and UK. Greek Cypriots have tended to settle in areas where there were already established Greek communities. Of this group, 109 settled in New York City, 47 settled in New Jersey, 21 in California, 13 each in Maryland and Virginia and 10 each in Florida and Illinois.

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By 1943, about 80 percent of girls attended primary school.

When elementary education was made mandatory in 1960, there were equal enrollment levels for boys and girls.

By the 1980s, girls made up 45 percent of those receiving secondary education.

Of these, some 3,337 said they were simply "Cypriot Americans," 3,965 claimed that Cypriot Greek origin and 361 claimed that were of Cypriot Turkish descent.

Modern Cypriot American women are better educated than their mothers and are more likely to work outside the home.

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