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The periods of greatest emigration were between 19, the 1960s and between 19.These were times of political instability and socio-economic insecurity.The majority of Cypriot Americans are either Eastern Christians (predominately members of the Eastern Orthodox Church of Cyprus and Maronites) or Sunni Muslims.Despite their historically rural origins, early Cypriot immigrants mainly settled in large urban centers, with New York City harboring the largest community.Cypriot Americans are Americans of full or partial Cypriot ancestry.

The participation of women in clerical jobs had more than doubled since the late 1970s, yet only one woman in 15 was in an administrative or managerial position in 1985.Cypriot women had the same rights to social welfare as men in such matters as social security payments, unemployment compensation, vacation time and other common social provisions.Special protective legislation in 1985 provided women with marriage grants and with maternity grants that paid them 75 percent of their insurable earnings.Most of these immigrants were young males, usually unemployed and from rural areas; only 5 percent were university graduates.Although 75 percent immigrated to Britain and another 10 percent went to Australia, about 5 percent went to North America.Many Cypriot Americans live in San Diego and Los Angeles. Census 4,897 people of Cypriot ancestry live in the United States.Another community settled in New Jersey, in Flemington, Brickton and Wayside. According to the 2000 census, that number increased to 7,663.It is assumed that the Turkish Cypriots who came to the United States between 18 were fleeing religious or political persecution.Although the political and religious persecution of Turkish Cypriots during 18 in Cyprus is highly unlikely because Cyprus was occupied by Turkey at the time.After the 1974 Turkish Invasion of Cyprus 51,500 Turkish and Greek Cypriots left as immigrants and another 15,000 became temporary workers abroad. statistics, Cypriot immigration peaked at 828 in 1976, with the number of immigrants dropping to 291 in 1984.The new wave of immigrants had Australia as the most common destination (35 percent), followed by North America, Greece and UK. Greek Cypriots have tended to settle in areas where there were already established Greek communities. Of this group, 109 settled in New York City, 47 settled in New Jersey, 21 in California, 13 each in Maryland and Virginia and 10 each in Florida and Illinois.

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