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Kamenashi and Fukada became close while playing lovers in the movie “Joker Game,” which is set to be released next year on January 31.

During October of this year, they were together for about 2 weeks at an overseas shooting location.

Yesterday, the Sports Nippon newspaper got the scoop on a potential romance between Akanishi Jin (27) and Kuroki Meisa (23).

The two were seen together on a date at Tokyo Disney Sea on January 22, but naturally, their agencies have denied that their relationship is romantic.

Akanishi and Kuroki have been acquainted with each other for several years now.

It seems that work brought them closer together last fall, and Sports Nippon claims that their friendship turned into romance at the start of this year.

But it was during the shooting of the Friday “evening melo” drama by Tere Asa, “Second Love” in which Kamenashi and Fukada played characters that were romantically involved with each other that their interest in each other grew deeper.“In that drama, Kamenashi played a dancer with rare talent who spent his days languishing with anxiety because he couldn’t catch a break.Jin and Meisa have been caught out on dates a few times recently already so it’s not exactly a complete bombshell.Anyhoo, thanks yet again to J-ent for livening up an otherwise mundane news cycle day.There is no mistake that the kiss scene caused the two to realize their feelings for each other.(Person involved with the film)Nonetheless, they are both very popular stars who engage in a large number of projects.In addition to their Tokyo Disney Sea date, the pair were also spotted at a shopping mall the day before.Their agencies have confirmed that the two went to Tokyo Disney Sea together, but asserted that they are just friends.Jin left I don’t have much to say, other than, er…..congrats?!?I hope they end up married forever and have this one and many more babies.I’m serious, but knowing the longevity of celebrity relationships and marriages, don’t want to get my hopes up.Either way, neither agency has confirmed or refuted this news, which is being reported in such legit news sources that it’s pretty much the real deal.

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