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we seem interesting, and a perfect companion to any career oriented person. i've found livin in nyc..i have plenty of time to go out... and as far as dating..fitting that in isn't the problem... see a movie with eye candy architecture I need to get a real life. I tried that though, and she was very emotionally unstable... plus we will both have the benefit of being extremely poor for the rest of our lives, so thats a plus!but when they find out how much with bitch and complain, that we pulll long hours, that we work on condos, and make very little coin, they drop us hard! it's meeting cool people that you want to date that seems to be the least my problem... I too have the problem of not finding anyone interesting enough. and some time into the relationship I found out she was to be married weeks before I began dating her. i have time for that stuff, or i make time at least, i didn't so much in college, but when you are practically married to school/yourself/work, sometimes you dont really deem such social activities nessecary.This past summer if we were looking for something to do, we'd go find a building to check out (lesson learned: the tour at the Gehry building at Bard College wasn't worth the money). Since getting out in the real world I've always made time to date and socalize w/friends.I get a lot of crap from her for being an "archi-nerd" and only talking/reading/caring about architecture... I'm on good terms with her studio professor, so I was a guest critic at her end of semester review - needless to say I excused myself from her presentation. Often I find myself getting 6 or less hours of sleep a night.If you produce a traditional or classical design for a school project, be sure to meet the program, produce all the elements required by the assignment, and turn it in on time – this will make it easier to challenge your critics.When presenting a project, discuss how it meets the program and responds to the site’s challenges. Most traditional architects who are hiring care most about your portfolio.

Do you guys get to at least spend a little time lounging around home or going out to have drinks with friends and such? (not from personal experience..i look around my office, and..know.) basically, you can break it down like this: ladies/men (good looking ones) find it exciting to get invoved with architects. now that school is over, I'm waiting until I move again and start another school... The only way it could work out was if I dated a female architect (or student). i couldnt imagine dating someone who wasnt in an 'artistically minded' profession.Yes its hard to date most of the women out there just seem well different to what my tastes want.She wants me to move to China with her..leave my job I've just finally secured for the next 2 years she wants me to leave my job, where I have two award worthly constructions she wants me to leave my job - i dunno, grounds for seperation. btw my preference has been diplomats from the uk...especially those on short postings I'm doing the archigirlfriend route at the moment, and its yet to be a problem.and yes i realize that i used 'them' as a reference to women. luckily the girl i am with hasnt gotten tired of me yet. i totallyyyyyyyyyy agree bloodclot Arcattack......... i find myself reading a new book about architecture or looking around for new projects etc.. visit a new building I haven't been in yet to check it out B. As for my friends, I have very little time to see them for datinggggg well the fun thing about it is that my dates hang out with me while i work........ I just usually arrange a dinner date with most of them and catch up. I've seen other people - well that's not part of the arrangement.There is a lot more to it and I think there has to be some cautions for you to even think you will experience any measurable success, yet nevertheless, some architects are successful and well known because of their designs.We thought it might be helpful if we can get some advice and guidance from them to young architects, so we began to dig the web searching for some valuable points of advices from senior and starchitects to the young and aspiring ones, check out some of them below. Zaha Hadid Architects: ” Focus, and work hard”“You have to be very focused and work very hard, but it is not about working hard without knowing what your aim is! the goal posts might shift, but you should have a goal.Gibson Worsham: Read deeply, with scholarly guidance, in the essential architectural texts, train your eye and hand to observe the built world, and understand that traditional architecture transcends matters of style. Go out and sketch the buildings that you admire the most.Michael Rouchell: Remember, there is a market for traditional architectural design. Draw each of the classical orders as instructed in the treatises, then teach yourself to draw them from memory.Attend ICAA lectures and events, historic house tours, etc.Get familiar with traditional buildings, which are more reliable than those that have not been time-tested.

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