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you have ta meet them in college, a mysterious artistic type can keep them on the hook for years. personally, i went on a date last night, and one the week before, but it as mentioned before nobody really seems that interesting generally because i am picky, self involved, fairly comfortable with being single, and mutually hung up on an friend/ex who lives in another city... ever go to one of those chat sites where there are posts like "any fine ladies wanna chat? supermarket - I would put you on ignore if i could.keep them in your little black book for a rainy day, or when you dont want to take the time to find someone new. it's just that when I hang out I am always wanting to do one of the following: A. Ive been with a girl for over 8 months now and im fine, the fact she lives 7 hours away has nothing to do with the fact its convenient or anything....I guess when your life revolves around architecture, dating someone at least remotely involved in the field works out well - its just "more of the same thing". Someday I'm sure that will catch up to me, but lately this year I haven't putting in the horror show of hours that I was doing a couple years back.That's helped me re-evaluate what I find really important in life, and surprisingly enough, I'm realizing people are more important than buildings that, with the help of clients, never turn out too great.and yes i realize that i used 'them' as a reference to women. luckily the girl i am with hasnt gotten tired of me yet. i totallyyyyyyyyyy agree bloodclot Arcattack......... i find myself reading a new book about architecture or looking around for new projects etc.. visit a new building I haven't been in yet to check it out B. As for my friends, I have very little time to see them for datinggggg well the fun thing about it is that my dates hang out with me while i work........ I just usually arrange a dinner date with most of them and catch up. I've seen other people - well that's not part of the arrangement.we seem interesting, and a perfect companion to any career oriented person. i've found livin in nyc..i have plenty of time to go out... and as far as dating..fitting that in isn't the problem... see a movie with eye candy architecture I need to get a real life. I tried that though, and she was very emotionally unstable... plus we will both have the benefit of being extremely poor for the rest of our lives, so thats a plus!

She wants me to move to China with her..leave my job I've just finally secured for the next 2 years she wants me to leave my job, where I have two award worthly constructions she wants me to leave my job - i dunno, grounds for seperation. btw my preference has been diplomats from the uk...especially those on short postings I'm doing the archigirlfriend route at the moment, and its yet to be a problem.

Virginia Kelsey: Take advantage of everything the Institute for Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) has to offer.

Travel, photograph, sketch and learn to see from everything around you.

Attend ICAA lectures and events, historic house tours, etc.

Get familiar with traditional buildings, which are more reliable than those that have not been time-tested.

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