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Frequently Asked Questions about Georgia Marriage Records: Q. Older records may be available through the counties, generally through the probate system. For marriage that occurred pre 1900’s, either visit the Georgia State Archives or send in a mail in request: If you are sending a mail in request, the fee is .00 with additional charges for limited copies.

For earlier records, the Georgia State Archives holds many records on Microfilm and some counties actually started collecting marriage records well before the 1805 requirement. Turn around on requests take 3 to 4 weeks on average.

This information will give you all sorts of vital clues that can lead you on the path to completing your entire family tree.

Here are a few tips to make finding information, like Georgia marriage records, easier.

The key improvement in ISAM is that the indexes are small and can be searched quickly, thereby allowing the database to access only the records it needs.

Additional modifications to the data do not require changes to other data, only the table and indexes in question.

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Georgia marriage records at the county level are held by the Probate Judge of the county. Georgia has the most revised and accepted versions of the state constitution of any other state and the second most counties besides Texas.

A secondary set of hash tables known as indexes contain "pointers" into the tables, allowing individual records to be retrieved without having to search the entire data set.

This is a departure from the contemporaneous navigational databases, in which the pointers to other data were stored inside the records themselves.

Georgia is a large state, and if you don't narrow down the area where your family member probably got married, then you're likely to find yourself spending a great deal of time searching.

To avoid spending hours of research time looking for one marriage record, it is imperative that you try to narrow down the area where your family member was married.

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