A most accomodating nephew

*You let us in to plan and measure and meet with the caterer when the facility was not in use.

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Everything went smooth and as planned with no problems, it was just as beautiful as I imagined it!!!Kathy Armstrong and the Paiges are the most responsive, helpful, and flexible people you could hope to work with.Every request is responded to promptly and if at all possible, with a "yes" as your answer. Thank you for your kindness to my nephew and his new bride. Although the wedding was held in a local church, The Retreat at Bradley''s Pond would be a perfect place for a wedding.The rules, regulations and information provided was concise and complete.We chose our vendors from your beautiful website and the pictures aided us in our decorating plans. Page and Michael for making our day one beautiful event. Best Regards, Judi Sheppard Thank you to everyone at Bradley's!Anyone looking to get married should contact Kathy and reserve your date!Thanks to Kathy and the Paiges our wedding day was absolutely perfect! My husband Jason and I could not have asked for a more perfect day!The property and building are beautiful and well maintained. My husband and I tied the knot on September 28th of this year and we absolutely loved it!The location was beautiful and everything was perfect!!

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